The end

Or is it the beginning of the end.

She’s white with pink ears.

Eyes half open or all the way closed.


Barely drinking

Barely eating – A lick of a spoon with baby food meat

Minimal pee – no poop for 2+ days

Still keeps her eye on us.

She’s 15 years old

Heart of gold

She can’t talk or say what hurts

But something is not right

A trip to the vet is in order tomorrow

A day of hope or maybe sorrow

We love her.

Where do I belong?

Today feels awkward

Kind of a repeat feeling

Where do I belong?

Don’t get me wrong

I have a compatible partner

It’s just we are trying to make

His childhood house

OUR home.

Sometimes I feel like an intruder

Sometimes I’m angry and feel taken advantage of

But as I nest and rearrange everything

It is becoming my home too.

So many “ghosts” and memories to overcome.

Do I belong here?

Time will tell. I think the answer is yes.