Day 19 and detox?

Well yesterday I was scared that if I didn’t do my exercises I would lose momentum. But I got a lot of steps in and I decided that counted.

I got reenergized when I realized some of my issues have to do with quitting one of my medications. (No, the doctor did not help… I think the doctor is ignorant about the symptoms or that any symptoms would happen.)

So as I detox (I’m pretty sure that is the right term) I will be able to continue my exercises as I prepare for knee surgery (I again, realized I probably really do need this surgery).

PS -yes I did my exercises today!!

Day 18 – oops

Well I did not officially exercise today, but doing the laundry and getting out of my chair every hour is going to be my exercise set for today. Some ankle rolls and hoping the MELOXICAM helps to rid some of this nasty pain I feel.

If you haven’t seen my poem “I am the…” It is the beginning of telling my story.

Maybe I should number the posts? What do you think?

Carry on….

I am the….

Daughter of a preacher man
Stifled and scared
To tell him
I’m not who he thinks I am

My daddy was perfect
My mommy said,
The smartest man around
And the best looking in town

He preached fire and fear
Opinions not entertained
God’s word is
Literally contained

He knew the truth
And knows it well
His message to the world
Repent or go to hell

Title was “From Wence I Came” Continue reading “I am the….”