Day 18 – oops

Well I did not officially exercise today, but doing the laundry and getting out of my chair every hour is going to be my exercise set for today. Some ankle rolls and hoping the MELOXICAM helps to rid some of this nasty pain I feel.

If you haven’t seen my poem “I am the…” It is the beginning of telling my story.

Maybe I should number the posts? What do you think?

Carry on….

4 thoughts on “Day 18 – oops

  1. Ive seen a blog in which each post us numbered. I prefer not to do that for mine because I often delete ones that I think are kinda boring – even for me to read!

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      1. Sure, you could do so.

        Just mentioning that for myself, if I just plain dont like a post of mine anymore, then I just delete it. So putting sequential numbers on each post wouldnt serve its purpose.

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