Which Way (challenge)

Which way challenge from Sonofabeach.

Here’s my take. I lived in England for three years. Some of these photos I took in the England, Italy, Ireland, and in Houston Texas.

Here is the first one which was titled “which way” or “which one!”

Which One or Which Way
Cambridge, England
Cambridge, England
Cambridge, England
Cambridge, England
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Dublin, Ireland

Thank you for enjoying my photos.


Only One! (Ghazal style)

Only One!

One word today, a smile tomorrow
Can change the course of a life
Twenty years later, a life has evolved
Starting with YOUR word, act, gesture –Ruth

One act of kindness, I want only one.
A sandwich shows kindness! It takes only one!
Sitting on a bench crying, alone.
A hug, a hankie! It takes only one!

Shivering in the rain, cold to the bone.
A cup of coffee, an umbrella! It takes only one!
Downcast eyes, shuffling, disheveled, not stoned.
A smile, a dollar! It takes only one!

Tripping and falling, painful scraped knees, a moan.
Some salve, a band aid! It takes only one!
She stumbled and fell, her hair is undone.
A gentle tone, a comb! It takes only one!

She rants and she raves. She talks ‘til she’s done.
A listening ear! It takes only one!
It’s dark and she’s scared to walk home alone.
A companion, a call! It takes only one!

One object, or act; one place or a word;
Compassion, dear friend. It takes only one!

Ghazal style

by Ruth 2/11/2013

revised 4/23/2013

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

– Dalai Lama XIV