Resolutions-Weekly Terrible Poetry Challenge #7

I don’t need no resolutions
It ain’t in the constitution

What’s up with that
He said, with the hat
On his head
That he said
He would wear until he died
No absolution

Resolve to die?
Uh why?
I don’t wanna
Make restitution

He’s gotta wear a hat on his head
No lie
No revolutions
Just resolutions

@Ruth for Chelsea Owens Weekly Terrible Poetry Challenge

impending visit – update

Here is the original.

Christmas Day arrived
The telephone rang
We all visited
But no one sang 😉

The conversation was lovely
There was joy in the air
Love was expressed
See you soon was declared

The day after Christmas
The snows descended
Putting a halt
On the impending visit

I was surprised
I felt disappointed
Seems that my anger
Had mostly melted

I mostly feel anxious
I want us to be
Happy together
Her and me

News came today
Roads are passable
Looks like she’s coming
A chance, I am hopeful

I must be wary
Stay strong and be me
And cautious with love
Striving for harmony