The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-All You Need is Money, Can you Imagine? HELP!

The topic is Satirical Pop Song. Thank you Chelsea Ann Owens for this delightful way to bomb the world with silliness!!

This entry comes to you by way of three songs, butchered, and strung together.

All You Need is Money!
Can you Imagine?

Cash, Cash, Cash,
Cash, Cash, Cash
Cash, Cash, Cash

Imagine there’s no money
It’s hard but please try
No food in your belly
Above you only sky

I need some money
(Help) not just pennies
(Help) Hands up!! I want some

Imagine all the rich folks
Living like you do
Beggars would be riders
Horses wishes too

All you need is cash
Cash is all you need


Constant Pain -Acrostic

P aroxysms
A gony
I ntense
N ever-ending

But wait!!

I’ve heard of cbd oil. Sounds too good to be true. Has cured every ailment known to humans… or has it?

I don’t care! I finally got desperate enough that I bit the bullet and went out to buy. There are stores EVERYWHERE that sell it. Even in our little rural city.

I stopped today. I was given one dose. While standing there, which was painful, the pain literally melted away! Not all my pain, but the standing pain. When I got into the car, I noticed that the pain was less. Still at an undesirable level but less.

I’m hopeful!! Quality of life is important, and my pain really keeps me from truly enjoying life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy person who suffers from so many things, and I keep going, but…. I’m very sedentary even with exercising.

I’m well aware that this may not be all that I hope it will be, but I’m very hopeful today!!


PS no thc in this product.

CBD oil.