OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 31

Topic: Finding Peace

Prompt words:Peace Chaos Nature Words Safe Calm

Form: none suggested


How to Find PEACE

If you came here
To get a clue
Stop reading this
I don’t know what to do

Some say pray
Some say meditate
Be mindful everyday
Walk in nature or
Breathe deeply

I’ve tried the above
Yet the chemistry in my brain
Twists and turns
And gets tied in a knot

I’ll not stop trying
But you better NOT
Tell me you have
For my peace ✌️

~RuthScribbles ✌️


Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #49 – Halloween

Read the terrible guidelines here.


Halloween Queen

I’ll be a queen
On Halloween
Oh that’s just mean
Did she declare
How dare you try
To be so high
And mighty
You’re a witch
You b*itch
Go scratch your
Head and
Queens are not scary

Or are they??
“Off with your head”
She screamed at her
“Your head will roll”
She raged at the troll
Oh me oh my
She makes me cry
I’d rather be a witch
Of course