My #WeeklySmile for the 30th of December 2019

Trent, of Trent’s World, invites us to share a smile.

We had our Christmas dinner on Saturday, the 28th. What an awesome celebration.

The ages ranged from 14 years old to 99 years old, with three of us in our 60s and two in late 30s! (Four generations)

Jim’s sister brought crackers. After a wonderful dinner, we went to the den to open our gifts. Then we returned to the table for dessert and crackers.

We all put on our crowns.

Told the jokes. Shared the trivia. And then…. the surprises were either windup Santa’s or reindeer. And wow!! I have never seen Auntie M laugh as hard as she did. Even clapping her hands. A wonderful happy smiley day!! (Having the youngest and eldest sitting together was perfect!) I hope these photos make you smile too!



Week 52 2019 #52Frames Break the Rules

This is my 202nd photo in a row. I am a Hall of Framer. 🏆

This week the theme was to Break the Rules.


Title: Barn or House

Description: We had such a beautiful sunset last night and I got so many great photos. Since I was just shooting, I was hoping that I at least broke some rules, but I don’t think so. So the rule I broke was that I didn’t break rules.

See the pecans still attached to the tall branches?

Ps. This is the north side of our house. I couldn’t believe how it looks like a barn! 🙃