My #WeekendCoffeeShare

What a week!

What to share? Want ice in your coffee? Come inside where the AC is on.

It’s been hot here (85+F).

The sun has shined for 3 or 4 days!

What’s a day?

What’s a week?

We have isolated ourselves for two weeks now.

I’m able to enjoy a cup of coffee again – GERD/GORD – is not fun, but due to osteoporosis I had to quit taking the PPI (proton pump inhibitor). I had my first Prolia shot. No bad side effects.

I won the Terrible Poetry Contest. My husbands bday is tomorrow (today) so I’ll gift it to him!! Cringe and laugh while you read here!

We usually go out on our birthdays but not this year, thanks to C19.

So… life as we know it has changed.

Here’s my TuesdayTanka that I wrote this morning (yesterday morning).

You know writing at midnight before getting sleep can make time difficult to pin down!!

Hope as you read this you are enjoying your coffee and keeping sane and safe during these trying and scary times!!