Week 43 #52Frames – Reflections 2020

Reflections, my submission for week 43.

Title: Looking Up by Looking Down or Looking Down to Look Up

Description: This was a lot of fun. I love reflection pictures, and did not realize there were so many reflection opportunities. There is the obvious mirrors, there are the outsides of windows. Those were the two that I played with in multiple ways. I whittled down to a final three. This one is my favorite, because it is the first idea I had, and it turned out better than I thought it would. I took my hand held mirror into the back yard and laid it on the ground, then I snapped the shutter. This one was my favorite because you can almost tell that Fall is in the air – some leaves are changing color, instead of just falling off.

I also tried taking a photo of myself in the mirror while holding the hand mirror. The other was down the side of the house with the back wall reflecting in the windows.

Here are the two other finalists.


MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Labyrinth

Fandango asks us to use the word labyrinth.

A labyrinth is a complicated network of passages in which it is difficult to find ones way.

I first heard the word labyrinth when I was a member of the Methodist church. A path in a circle with stations to stop and read scripture verses and meditate. This did not sound like something I was interested in, and I actually felt wary of it. Then when I left the Christian church, the Unitarian Universalist church built a labyrinth out in the hill country on campground land. This was not scripture based, but was spiritual based. I never walked this one either. I’m not sure why I avoided them. Maybe I didn’t want to go deep into my feelings. Bottom line, labyrinths of this kind are not for me, right now, anyway!