The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest -2nd hand sales

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Me and Our Stuff

Garage, I mean garbage sales blarg…
Flea markets be d*mned
If no garage available use your yard
If no yard, the front steps will suffice
My garbage is your treasure, really?
Have you ever tried to sell your garbage to the public?

I have had two garage sales
Maybe three if you count when I sold my toys
Without my mom knowing
And the toy store around the corner sold me crap

Garage sales hurt one’s back
Be careful what you say when browsing
Someone may hear you and start crying,
or snatch the treasure out of your hand
You get the item home and it stinks
Cigarette smoke galore
Oh the stench
now on the heap for the next
Bulk pickup

Freecycle anyone?
–124 words
just before the ?
I’m done


Thank You!

Sweet girl!

Losing a pet is much harder than I thought it would be. The photo is the last photo I took of her (hours before we said goodbye). She is not in pain any longer, but we miss her so much.

Words of comfort and condolences have meant more than you will ever know.

Our vet made it as comfortable as possible for us to say goodbye to Louisa and there was no pain. I still cry when I have that picture in my head.

Yesterday I got the call that I could come up and pick up her ashes. I was very surprised and the care package we were given. Louisa’s ashes were placed in a beautiful small wooden (rosewood?) box, with a bronze plate with her name on it. We also got a “coaster” with a paw print and her name. We got a swatch of her fur, and a card, with a heart-shaped flat object that has flowers in it to plant for a memorial (I will be planting that today – I will add her fur to the pot.)

We have seen her and heard her since she left. We miss her so much. It still hurts. But she will always remain in our hearts.

In grief,