Don’t Rock the Boat?

It is said:
Let it be
Don’t rock the boat
Let it go

I can’t
Let it be
Be what?
What kind of there?
There to survive
Survive in silence?
Silence is complicity
Complicity kills
Kills innocent people
People in the boat
Boat that you won’t rock
Rock to shine a light
Light on the darkness
Darkness can’t be ignored
Ignoring is letting it go
Go down
Down to the depths of sorrow
Sorrow for the forgotten
Forgotten and unloved
Unloved by you
You because you let it be, didn’t rock the boat, and said let it go.

Let’s get to work!!

Speak up!

Rock the boat!

Don’t let folks die!



A Call to Action for Co-Conspirators

The young woman in the back
Weeps silently, hiding tears
Fearful that someone will kill her
Folks don’t even see her
She is the last one to receive justice-
If ever-
She knows that Black bodies
Are expendable
Yet she had no choice
She was born with beautiful
Dark chocolate skin
A beauty to behold
Yet, she sits there alone
Ignored, forgotten
Watching her sisters get
No justice
So we say, “no justice, no peace”
Stand beside her
Hold her up when her strength is gone
Help her speak out–
Hold the megaphone for her



~RuthScribbles aka RuthKlein

MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Encounter

Here is a synopsis about an Encounter. I wanted to write a poem, but I just don’t have it tonight! Have a great day/night/tomorrow!


I had an encounter on Facebook.

Sharing the history of slavery.
Makes people very uncomfortable.

I was unfriended.
I said "Wasn't it a conversation?"
A friend request was renewed.

Encounters can be difficult.
Thanks for reading!