2021: Week 2 #52Frames – Leading Lines

Leading Lines is the second week’s challenge.

Title: Squirrel’s Nest

Description: Through my window and through the framework for our new patio cover, I was able to capture this. I love trees, and I do believe this qualifies for leading lines and extra credit. If not, administrators can uncheck my box, because I am thinking outside the box. lol

As winter sets in
Snow falls
Ground is wet
Moss on trees
Squirrel nest up high
Winter sky
Is gray

I resized, fixed color, and cropped just a bit using Built In photo editor in Photos and PhotoScapeX (Mac program)




WINNER of the A Mused Poetry Contest 12/11/2020

Lots of all funny limericks. And I was the winner this time!! Thanks to all for laughing!! Click the link below to read all of the others!!

After traveling the vast wastes of my comments section and e-mail only to find a few more entries floating amongst a specific search in the Reader’s …

WINNER of the A Mused Poetry Contest 12/11/2020

My Take-The Weekly Smile for the 4th of January, 2021 #weeklysmile

Trent reminds us to smile and to write a post of what made us smile this week.


Well I’m smiling!! This past summer, I had a couple of health issues pop up. One required that I quit eating salt, minimize beef. The other said I must lose weight and only very occasionally drink wine (between the two issues, red wine is the safest).

So I quit the chips, snacks…. lost 10 and stopped. Then I decided to try counting calories.

My smile? I’ve lost 3.5 years of accumulated weight. I have another half year of weight to lose to reach my first goal. And then I’ll need to lose another 4 years of accumulated weight.

And I’m smiling and patting myself on my back. My doctors? They are all very happy too!

Thanks for reading!!