My bad dreams last night carry a thread of abandonment.

Abandonment of places, stuff, and friends.

There are many things going on. The last couple of days were several “anniversaries” and others are in the next few days.

My mother-in-law died ten years ago and I now live in her house. Eight years ago we downsized our house sold one of our cars and moved into an apartment to live more simply. Five years ago we downsized and packed up our things and moved to England for three years. Two years ago we moved back to Texas USA. Last year we finally moved all of our things from Houston into this house. February has been a monumental month for us. Oh… and at the end of February, 2018, part of our house flooded from rain and street drainage couldn’t handle it.

Theme? Moving, downsizing, leaving friends, making friends, death.

Yes! That’s a lot. Not all bad, but stressful nonetheless.

Thanks for reading!


Bad dreams

I can’t even articulate the dream, but good friends turned on me because I didn’t keep their property as pristine as they deemed necessary. And to be fair, i left a lot of stuff behind. I think it was a fast move from country to country so I couldn’t take lots of things with me. There were toys in the middle of the floor and a throw pillow on the floor. Evidently the apartment was furnished including the throw pillow that I had allowed to be on the floor. I was so sad that these friends turned on me instead of talking to me and realized they had talked to mutual friends who had turned against me for reasons I can’t remember.

This dream has left me unsettled. I’m writing this out to help me process it.



In the last several days I have had three significant dreams

1. Sisters moving bed and crushing me between bed and wall. I was invisible to them.

2. Airplane crash that I was sure was heading straight for me and I was flat on ground wondering if it would hurt and would I feel it. Then it didn’t hit me but plowed into a few buildings behind me. Some of my friends were missing and I think we were at war.

3. Last night I was on the side of the road with my mom and dad (I’m not sure why, but no car in sight) and it began to snow very hard. Within a few minutes it was at least six inches deep. We were not dressed for snow but we’re enjoying it and amazed at how deep it was and then all of a sudden the ground covered snow rose up in front of my dad and we were horrified to see a tiger rise up. Then it looked at us. But moved away and then swiftly turned and circled around and started to attack my side. I remember thinking… My arm isn’t covered, I wonder if he can smell me. And then as he leaped to attack me, I woke up.