My WeekendCoffeeShare-Stones

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a weird week. Pull up a chair while I pour you a cuppa tea or joe, and I’ll tell you how the stones roll.

The stones of which I speak are kidney stone fragments.

On Tuesday I had a scheduled ESWL (sonic lith….). A 7mm stone was sonic blasted into smithereens (we hope).

On my way hone, I was given a funnel with a filter to strain the urine to catch these itty bitty fragments so they can determine the kind (there are 3 or 4 kinds). What a chore… but I’ve been told it’s better than the alternative. Now I’m making sure that I drink a very min of 64 oz of water.

About the fragments… so far I don’t feel pain when they pass they are so small. They look like ground pepper or teeny poppy seeds. The sludge/sand is whiteish.

I’m afraid there might be a much bigger fragment needing to make its way through. That will be uncomfortable, but so far for me, the most discomfort is in my back (kidney), which now I know I’ve had before and got blamed on fibromyalgia and arthritis (🤬).

This stone was found incidentally because I kept complaining of starting a bladder infection and all they could see was microscopic blood (hematuria). So first doc in 20+years said, let’s X-ray for stones.

Just for fun, here’s what some fragments look like.

So it’s been a slow quiet week here!