Fibro Clucks

One day a back ache
Next day the head
Then to the tailbone
Shoulders feel dead.

Neither knees or hips
Sit on the sidelines
Whilst hands have decided
They won’t be fine.

This is a common week,
Fibromyalgia sucks
Sprinkle in arthritis
And life can really cluck.


Ps… as lots of my stuff, written off the cuff. Could be better could be worse, could be submitted as a terrible verse. 🤪

Oh damn

I stopped daily exercises
Not realizing it would jeopardize
My back so soon
When I decided to vacuum

Picking up my pace
Forgetting my back brace

My back-
went to hell
The pain-
I don’t feel so well

The Chiro said not to be dismayed
Just learn from this escapade

Fibromyalgia, don’t trifle with
Overdoing is not a myth



I posted too soon! My back is killing me. Boo. I hurt really bad. I haven’t had a pain pill for months. I’m so disappointed.


Well… I just want to say that I got the whole house vacuumed yesterday and the two largest rooms mopped today.

It was tough

It was hard

But I recovered (mostly)–chair yoga today and chiropractor tomorrow, and just rest! It’s the fibroHELLasia way!

I’m getting back to the ability to do more….. this is good news! May it continue to be so!!

PLUS……CBD oil and creams have helped make it bearable and doable!!!!

Thanks for reading!