My #weeklysmile May 27, 2020

Trent invites us to share a snails. My weekly smile has been hard to come by, yet I realize I have several.

My sister! I can share ANYTHING with her. She lives far away but we text message a lot, and sometimes it’s gross. 💩😛😳😲😉

I have enjoyed watching different types of birds deciding to come and visit us again. If you zoom in, you will see mr cardinal.

What made you smile this week?


Four years ago-May 25, 2016

I wrote this on Facebook whilst living in Cambridge England.


Once upon a time
She said
He asked
They responded
We moved
Set up house
New words
Diff customs
Making friends
Daily living
Marvellous opportunity
Just another chapter
In our journey.

Ten more months
To travel and enjoy
This dream.

~RuthScribbles aka Ruth Klein

I took this photo in the same day. A path to the pedestrian walkway from our flat. (It was a cloudy day!)