Love of my life

Valentine’s Day is this week and I have decided to dedicate this post to one of my loves.

Every morning
Your luscious aroma
Fills me with desire
I want to taste you
And savor you with each sip
Your warmth envelops me
Bringing me much joy
You fill my longing with love
I love you



Gratitude comes in many forms.

A smile, a word of thanks, a hug, a cheer, a tear, a silent lowering of eyes, a stoic face, speechlessness, and sometimes anger.

Yes, when we help those who are struggling the anger comes and is directed at self not the giver. Anger because she feels unworthy or misinterprets the action of the giver, yet silently knows they need it.

Sometimes, when giving anonymously, the gratitude is silent because the giver is not present.

Whether the giver or receiver, it is always best to be grateful!

And a haiku for you!

Express Gratitude
With a smile or a yippee
Always be thankful

Prompt: Word of the Day – Gratitude.