Whoa as in “please stop horse”

Or wow Or whoa is me or OY

Ah… still diminishing my stockpile of digital photos.

1. 75% reduction and still reducing

2. Freed up lots of space on my computer.

3. Backing up photos is a good idea, when you have a plan. (I obviously did not have a plan until now. )

4. Sitting at the computer has actually been good for my low back and giving me more upper body strength, but my neck…. Oy

Finding duplicates
The app found thousands to trash


Digital cleanup

I hope I have learned my lesson to cull as I go and backup as I go so that I don’t have another mess like the one I created over the last ten years. Here is what I have been doing:

First two weeks-

First a myriad of duplicates destroyed

Imported the remaining into the library

The duplicate/similar program choked

Many photos had same name, but different photos from different cameras

Sorted photos by camera

Exported photos (eight groups)

Searches for duplicates in each group

Third week (this one) Culling and more deletions.

One group almost done with first round.

This project of just photos will take another month or more depending on the time I can endure sitting at the computer.

I am finding lots of smiles and deleting the frowns. 😃