Week 11 2019 #52frames Experimental Photography

Title: the cat stares down the cardinal

Description: I took two photos. I tried cloning-eh. Then I tried “move me” in the Handy Photo editing ap. I moved the cat out of the photo where she is sitting looking out of the window and then did a double exposure in Snapseed. the photo taken of a cardinal wwewaaaayyyy up in the tree with my iPhone.


Week 09-2019-52Frames Negative Space

Title: Negative Use

About the photo: I was planning on doing what I’ve done a lot of…. tree branches and gray sky, but then the ball caught my eye. I did go outside with my canon after I took this photo, and while I think they are good, this one is different!! Maybe it will inspire me to use it!!:)

Below is one of the tree photos that I did not submit.