2021: Week 2 #52Frames – Leading Lines

Leading Lines is the second week’s challenge.

Title: Squirrel’s Nest

Description: Through my window and through the framework for our new patio cover, I was able to capture this. I love trees, and I do believe this qualifies for leading lines and extra credit. If not, administrators can uncheck my box, because I am thinking outside the box. lol

As winter sets in
Snow falls
Ground is wet
Moss on trees
Squirrel nest up high
Winter sky
Is gray

I resized, fixed color, and cropped just a bit using Built In photo editor in Photos and PhotoScapeX (Mac program)




2021:Week 1 -#52Frames- Self Portrait

It’s the new year (2021) and this is the first photo of the year!

Title: “ Hi – It’s me ”

Description: Self Portraits are weird to share sometimes. I used my iPhone with my Bluetooth remote shutter. I edited in the built in photo editor, and chose portrait setting, hi-key mono. A small part of the photo had extraneous in the background, so I imported into Snapseed and used the exposure brush to blot it out.  
Ps I didn’t know these settings existed! My husband and I really liked the result. (I am wearing a white shirt and my hair is mostly salty in front and top.)

Week 52, 2020 #52Frames 2020 in a Photo

This is the last photo challenge for this year. I have not yet missed a week since week 8 of 2015. Here is a link to my album. This weeks photo won’t be live until Tuesday.

Title: Pandemic Driveway Christmas

Description: I got mixed up about the challenge. I thought it was a new technique, but that was just the extra credit. I worked long and hard on using my Gosky with the iPhone attachment. The birds did not cooperate. The wind was blowing. I gave up and took photos of a squirrel.

HOWEVER, I had taken this panoramic photo on Christmas Eve and it definitely fits with the theme of 2020 in a photo. (I’ll post the photo taken with Gosky in comments.)


Here’s the Gosky photo.