My Take – The A Mused Poetry Contest 11/07 – 11/13/2020

Chelsea Owens has given us the theme of bad luck.

Trivia: Born on Thursday the 13th, she has had 10 Friday the 13th birthdays. Tomorrow will be her 11th. Can you figure out how old she will be?


Friday the 13th Birthday

‘Twas the night before Friday
When all through the house
Everyone was hiding
Yes, Even the mouse

They were all afraid
Of how she would act
When she discovered
The presents sent back

Her mommy and daddy
Cuddled up in the closet
Her siblings were hiding
And eating the chocolate

She arose from her bed,
Fuzzy was her head
“It’s my birthday!” She declared
“What a dreadful dream! How absurd!”


Circadian Rhythms Collide

I’m not a morning glory
It is so plain to see
The hour I get up from bed
Is almost lunch for thee

And then at night you go to sleep
Before I want to go
I watch TV for three more hours
Until my eyes blink slow

You get up before the sun
I slumber half the morn
Our patterns are at odds you see
But our love remains un-torn


Day 15 #OctPoWriMo 2020 – Perspective

We were asked a lot of questions. The theme I picked is Hell, and that my perspective changed through the years. Deprogramming one’s childhood mind is hard. The form I picked is a Diamante. Writing to make the shape of a diamond. The way to visualize all three rules:

Adjective, Adjective
Verb, Verb, Verb
Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
Verb, Verb, Verb
Adjective, Adjective

I wrote an antonym diamante.

Awful Torture
Condemned Everlasting Burning
Brimstone Damnation Doctrine Delusion
Questions Disagree Reject
Sobering Affirmative