Fibro Clucks

One day a back ache
Next day the head
Then to the tailbone
Shoulders feel dead.

Neither knees or hips
Sit on the sidelines
Whilst hands have decided
They won’t be fine.

This is a common week,
Fibromyalgia sucks
Sprinkle in arthritis
And life can really cluck.


Ps… as lots of my stuff, written off the cuff. Could be better could be worse, could be submitted as a terrible verse. 🤪

Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-Vacation Excitement

Topic: “The excitement of summer vacation (or winter, if you’re down South).” Check out the link.



Summer vacation?


I hate summer in Texas

It’s blasted hot 🥵

If I leave Texas, then….

Oh Lordy, must I be wordy

Hot as hell…

How do I know?

My skin sizzles and smells

My energy disappears

I become a big wimp

Can’t even limp around

Oh wait, did you say vacation??

Woohoo! Alaska, here I come!

She said as she melted from the sun.


Ps no… no plans for Alaska