Written 12/13/2013

I found this from my old blog.

this too shall pass
(Christmas season)

by ILeftTheFold (now RuthScribbles)

this time of year
brings many a tear (and)
sometimes good cheer
to those we hold dear

some of us endure
pretending to enjoy
the glad tidings
of girls and boys

too much history
too much fuss
it’s not for me
I wish it was

this too shall pass
January is coming

Four years ago today

Mommy died
No deep grief

Gone is the hope of having the mother I needed in my adult years

Her Bible killed our relationship

Once my first marriage ended
Real connection ceased
Only shared DNA & physical ills
Lots of unspoken disapproval

I grieve the loss of needed mothering

I grieve


Ps I wanted to be poetic but it’s not time