I. Just. Can’t.

Not yesterday

Not today


This has been a helluva day

90×24 hours long

90 naps in the dark






Oh-it’s only been 60?

March 17 was the last time I took Auntie out where we came in contact with people. Before masks.

Now masks are expected, yet her podiatrist is leaving it up to patients whether to wear a mask or not.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the appointment. I so wish I had not said I would take her. She knows that if she gets sick we will get sick but she doesn’t care. She’s 99.5.

(I fired a chiropractor for having the same attitude and even advocating against mask wearing.)

The stupid doctor’s office says they screen folks. But ignore the fact that people can be carriers with no symptoms.

I know I can refuse to take auntie, but will take her against my better judgement.

It feels like playing Russian Roulette.

Yes, I’m depressed. So sad because people are so selfish. And stupid. Just because the state is opening up does not mean the virus disappeared.

G-d help us all!