The 34th Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

The rules for this challenge is here.

Oh my…. this is very challenging… let’s wing it, shall we??

Self Satisfaction–Oh to be like thee, Komodo the Lizard

Genesis, the beginning
Beginning of self-impregnating
Impregnating self
Self reliance
Reliance on moi
Moi and tu
Tu, no not you
Me and only me
Self satisfaction
Self destruction
Destruction of needing
Needing anyone
Anyone will do?
No only you
Oops.. just kidding
I want to procreate
Like the dragon of komodo
Now, that’s self satisfying!


#33 Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Making money…

I missed the deadline. Just realized it is 12 hours after the deadline. I certainly would not make money entering contests… 😜

Money Grows on Trees

Money does NOT grow on trees
It comes out of a wall,
Everyone agrees
So why should I work?

I’ll climb a tree
To jump the wall
Until I’m tall
Enough to teach the slot
Where the money comes out
Green, like snot


Sorry to miss being counted but wanted to write something yucky.

The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-Little Willie

I hear this is week 32?!! (I sadly missed one week, so this is my 31st -really?- submission.

I have never heard of Little Willie (nasty) poems. This should be fun.?! 😮

The rules and guidelines are here.


Little Willie unveiled his parts
Thinking he was very smart
He was found at half past eight
Begging to enter the pearly gates


Little Willie killed the roach
Then took a ride in the yellow coach
At his funeral folks did say
Little Willie seized the day