My Take-The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-Anniversary Edition

What?? I’ve known this person named Chelsea, who has been posting and judging our horrible poems weekly, for a year? Horrible / Terrible it is what it is. Unfortunately I have not discovered the secret. Mine are either just good enough or too terrible to be considered. I have won 2 or 3 times. I’ve missed one or two, but not more than that. I now have my trusty electronic reminder to remind me….

Oh, I’m way off track. This week’s topic is Birth and form is a rhyming limerick. Oh joy! I’ll try yet again!


TBD (terrible birth diatribe)

When Chelsea decided to write
She thought “ah me thinks they should fight”
She birth-ed this mess
Named terrible poetic-ick-ness
It’s all just a blather and blight